Turbografx 16


All TurboGrafx-16 games are used. Ones that are complete in case (CIC) are listed as such, others will be listed as game only, all are in good condition unless otherwise stated .

Prices and availability subject to change. All prices + HST.


TurboGrafx16 console + Official Turbo AV Booster ( all cords, 1 controller) + 1 Game  Keith Courage



TurboGrafx16 console  (all cords, 1 controller,  AV  adapter) + 1 Game : Keith Courage

*no back cover*



TurboGrafx Express Handheld System (recapped, and refurbished) comes with Keith Courage Game

$650 Sold

TurboGrafx-16 Game List:

"CIC" stands for Complete in Case

Andre Panza Kickboxing (CIC) $39.99

Ballistix (cartridge only) $49.99

Bomberman (CIC) $119.99

Boxboy (CIC) $84.99

China Warrior (CIC) $44.99

Double Dungeons (manual and cartridge) $44.99

Double Dungeons (CIC) $59.99

Dragon Spirit (Case & Game, No Manual) $99.99

Final Lap Twin (cartridge only) $24.99

Final Lap Twin (CIC) $44.99

Galaga 90 (CIC) $59.99 (with manual, not original case)

Ghost Manor (CIC) $219.99 (in case with manual, not long box)

Keith Courage in Alpha Zones (CIC) $24.99

King of Casino (CIC)  $29.99

Klax (CIC) $44.99

Military Madness (cartridge only) $54.99

Neutopia (case and game) $114.99

Night Creatures (CIC) $109.99

Ordyne (CIC) $94.99

Parasel Stars (cartridge only) $99.99

Silent Debuggers (CIC) $119.99

Super Volleyball (CIC) $29.99

TV Sports Football (CIC) $19.99

TV Sports Hockey (CIC) $34.99

Victory Run (CIC) $44.99

World Court Tennis (cartridge only) $29.99






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