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Retro to Next Gen.

Stop by and experience a blast from the past with retro game bros! One of the highest rated game stores in toronto! We strive to Provide a large variety of games, at competitive prices!
What we sell

We specialize in everything retro, and all the way up to next gen. Whether it be classics like NES, SNES, SEGA, N64, XBOX, and Playstation, we got a wide variety. We carry retro games, systems, and accessories across all platforms. You can browse our inventory online and call ahead to confirm availability as well. We are old school just like our games, so we only sell in store (not online), come stop by and check out our selection in person!

How we operate

In our specialized store, we sell retro consoles, games and accessories. We personally test every single item in our store, and can demonstrate it working prior to sale. We understand when buying retro games and consoles, everyone wants to make sure the item is in good working condition. That is why we do not offer online sales/orders, we choose to provide an in store experience only. We are retro just like our products, so stop by, check them out, and test them before making your purchase.

Step back in time & visit our specialty shop!

Come visit us at 4385 Sheppard Ave E, Unit 12,Toronto.

A few words about us

Family Run Business

Our journey started with a small personal collection of games, and spiraled into a massive collection. My brother and I, played games growing up, and then we bought, sold, and traded our way up to having a full blown retro video game store. Growing up we played NES, Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 regularly. NES tetris was one of our favourites, and then SNES Donkey Kong Country & Mortal Kombat II, and of course Super Mario World. Nintendo 64 later on became a true family favourite, growing up in a larger family, 4 player games became king, Mario Party, Mario Kart 64, and one of ourmost random favourites Destruction Derby. Now we personally collect a little bit of everything, including full size arcades, and pinball machines!

At our store, we believe our passion is what sets us aside from other game stores, we truly care about our store, the experience people get from visiting us. Whether you are stopping by to shop, or just dropping by to chat about gaming and more, we are always happy to help out. Everyone gets treated like a friend here, no rush, and no pressure sales, just a friendly hello when you enter our shop! We also have a whole retro vibe going on in the store, we have CRT's playing retro 1990s/2000s commercials, and there are wall to wall games, retro console boxes, and promo display pieces everywhere.

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4385 Sheppard Ave E, Unit 12, Toronto


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Mon - Tues : CLOSED

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