Sega Genesis


All Sega Genesis games are used unless noted. Games listed as complete come with case with manual, or listed as no manual (meaning game & case only).

Games listed as game only are just that, game only (no case/manual). All games are tested and in good working condition unless noted otherwise.

Consoles will usually be paired with a 6 button hyperkin controller. Prices and availability subject to change. All prices + HST.


Genesis Console Model 1

(console with cords, 1  controller)

$100 Sold


Genesis Console Model 2

(console, cords, 1 controller)



Sega Nomad with

Custom Rechargeable Battery Pack



Sega CDX - Refurbished - Includes cords & 6 button controller

$650 Sold 

Sega 32X Boxed Game List:

Sega 32X Doom (complete) $40

Sega 32X Kolibri (complete, wear) $300

Sega 32X Knuckles Chaotix (complete, with reg. card) $380 Sold 

Sega 32X Motocross Championship (complete) $25

Sega 32X Space Harrier (complete)  $115

Sega 32X Zaxxon’s MotherBase 2000 (complete)  $130

Sega Genesis Boxed Game List:

6 Pak Genesis (cardboard box, complete) $40 Sold

688 Attack Sub (complete) $15

Afterburner II (complete) $30 Sold

Aladdin (complete) $20  Sold 

Arrow Flash (no manual) $70

Art of Fighting (complete, cardboard variant) $40

Atomic Robo Kid (complete) $70

Awesome Possum (no manual) $20

Barbie Super Model (complete + poster) $15

Batman Returns (complete) $35

Beauty and The Beast: Belle’s Quest (no manual) $20

Beauty and The Beast: Belle’s Quest (complete) $30

Beggar Prince (mega drive/genesis, ‘Super Fighter’ complete) $100

Beyond Oasis (cardboard box, complete) $180

Bible Adventures (complete, wisdom tree) $240

Blaster Master 2 (no manual) $60

Bubble & Squeak (no manual) $30

Buck Rogers Countdown to Doomsday (complete with poster) $60

Castlevania Bloodlines (complete + reg card & poster) Sold

Castlevania Bloodlines (with manual) $250 Sold

Chakan (complete) $40

Championship Pro-Am (complete) $35

Chase H.Q II (complete) $125

Chuck Rock II Son of Chuck (complete) $30  Sold

Clayfighter (no manual) $20

Comix Zone (complete, No CD, cardboard variant) $80 

Cut Throat Island (no manual) $20

Dungeons & Dragons Warriors of the Eternal Sun (complete) $60

Earnest Evans (complete) $100 Sold 

Ecco the Dolphin (no manual) $20

Ecco the Tides of Time (complete) $25

Eternal Champions (complete) $20

Exodus Journey to the Promised Land (complete, wisdom tree) $140

Fantastic Dizzy (no manual) $30

Fatal Fury (complete) $45

Fatal Fury (complete, mega drive) $35

Fire Shark (no manual) $65

Galaxy Force II (complete) $30

Garfield Caught in the Act (no manual) $25

Gauntlet IV (complete) $100

General Chaos (complete) $45

Genghis Khan II (complete, wear) $40

Ghouls 'N Ghosts (no manual) $60

Ghouls 'N Ghosts (with manual) $80

Gods (no manual) $45

Golden Axe (complete, with poster) $65

Golden Axe *Sega Classic* (complete) $40

Golden Axe II (complete) $55

Greendog Beached Surfer Dude (complete) $25

Hit the Ice (complete) $60

Immortal (no manual) $45

James Pond II (no manual) $30

Jewel Master (complete) $45

Joe and Mac (no manual) $75

Joshua the Battle of Jericho (complete, wisdom tree) $180

Jungle Strike (complete) $20

Kid Chameleon (no manual) $20

Last Battle (complete) $20

Lethal Enforcers II (complete) $30

Liberty of Death (complete with poster) $100

Liberty of Death (complete) $80

Lightning Force (no manual, cart wear) $50

Mad Stalker Full Metal Forth (JP Mega-Drive, complete) $90

Magical Taruruuto-kun (JP Mega Drive, complete) $65

McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (complete) $240

Michael Jackson's Moon Walker (no manual) $125 Sold

Midnight Resistance (no manual) $75

Mortal Kombat (complete) $20  Sold 

Mortal Kombat 3 (no manual) $25

Mystical Fighter (complete) $220

Operation Europe (with poster, no manual) $35

P.T.O (complete) $40

Phantasy Star IV (cardboard box, complete) $240

Pier Solar (complete, Mega Drive, watermelon’s reprint edition) $160

Power Monger (complete) $20

Prince of Persia (no manual) $25

Punisher (complete) $450 Sold

Rastan Saga II (complete) $80

Ren and Stimpy Show Stimpy's Invention (complete) $25

Revenge of Shinobi *Sega Classic* (no manual, cart wear) $25

Risk (complete) $15

Rock N Roll Racing (no manual) $110

Rocket Knight Adventures (no manual) $70

Rolling Thunder 3 (complete) $230

Saturday Night Slam Masters (no manual, label wear) $100

Skeleton Krew (game only, printed case) $110

Sol-Deace (complete) $200

Sonic the Hedgehog (complete) $50

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (complete) $25

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (complete) $70 Sold

Space Harrier II (complete) $40

Spiderman (complete) $50

Spiritual Warfare (complete, wisdom tree, some box wear) $250

Street Fighter II Special Championship Edition (no manual) $15

Streets of Rage *Classic Series* (complete) $50

Streets of Rage *Classic Series* (complete, label wear) $40

Super Hydlide (no manual, label wear) $30

Super Hydlide (complete) $40 Sold 

Superman (no manual, faded art) $30

Super Street Fighter II (complete) $35

Super Street Fighter II (no manual, label wear) $20

Super Thunder Blade (complete) $30

TaleSpin (complete) $30

Task Force Harrier (no manual) $70

Taz-Mania (complete) $15

Team USA Basketball Limited Edition (complete) $20

Theme Park (complete, manual wear) $70

Thunder Force II (complete) $50 

Tinhead (complete) $40

Tiny Toon Adventures ACME All-Stars (complete) $50

Toe Jame & Earl in Panic on Funkotron (no manual) $25

Trampoline Terror (no manual) $35

Virtua Racing (no manual) $35  Sold 

VR Troopers (no manual) $20

Vectorman – Cardboard Variant *Mega Hits* (no manual) $30

WWF Royale Rumble (complete) $25  Sold 

X-Men (complete) $30

Sega Genesis GAME ONLY List (no case/manual):

Aero the Acrobat (game only) $15

Aladdin (game only) $10  Sold 

Battletoads (game only) $35 Sold

Beyond Oasis (game only) $70  Sold

Caliber 50. (game only) $45

Castle of Illusion Mickey Mouse (game only) $30 Sold

Chester Cheetah Too Cool to Fool (game only) $15

Comix Zone (game only) $25

Dashin’ Desperadoes (game only) $25

Decapattack (game only) $15

Ecco Jr (game only) $25

Ecco The Dolphin (game only) $10

Eswat City Under Siege (game only) $20

Flashback (game only) $15

Ghostbusters (game only) $60

Home Alone 2 (game only) $20

Incredible Crash Dummies (game only) $15

Kid Chameleon (game only) $15

King of the Monsters 2 (game only) $15

Lion King (game only) $10  Sold 

Mega Turrican (game only) $85 Sold 

Mortal Kombat II (game only) $15 Sold 

Mortal Kombat 3 (game only) $15

Mystical Fighter (game only) $70

Out of the World (game only) $15

Paperboy (game only) $10

Phantasy Star II (game only) $35  Sold

Phantasy Star III (game only) $30  Sold

Phantasy Star IV (game only) $95 Sold 

Power Rangers The Movie (game wear) $10

Quackshot (game only) $20

Raiden Trad (game only) $40

Rock N Roll & Racing (game only) $65

Simpsons Bart vs the Space Mutants (game only) $25

Sonic Spinball (game only) $10

Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (game only) $35

Star Trek Deep Space Nine (game only) $20

Tecmo Super Bowl III (game only) $20

Tinhead (game only) $15

Truxton (game only) $55 Sold 

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 (game only) $35  Sold 

Valis (game only) $75 Sold 

X-Men (game only) $10 Sold 




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