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All Sega Master System games are used, complete in case, tested, and in good condition unless otherwise stated.

Prices and availability subject to change. All prices + HST.


Sega Master System Set - Complete in Box 

(all cords, 2 controllers, light gun, Safari Hunt & Hang On) $320  SOLD


Sega Master System Base Set - Complete in Box 

(all cords, 2 controllers, Hang On & Astro Warrior) $220 SOLD


Sega Master System Console

(console + 2 controllers) $120  SOLD

Sega Master System Game List:

Altered Beast (no manual) $19.99 

Altered Beast (with manual) $24.99 

American Pro Football (with manual) $19.99 

Asterix (with manual) $44.99 

California Games (with manual) $24.99 

Choplifter The Mega Cartridge (with manual) $19.99 

Dead Angle (no manual) $39.99 

Dead Angle (with manual) $54.99 

Dynamite Dux (with manual) $39.99 

F-16 Fighting Falcon (no manual) $19.99 

Galaxy Force (with manual) $84.99 

Gangster Town (no manual) $14.99 

Ghost House (with manual) $49.99 

Global Defense (with manual) $14.99 

Golden Axe (no manual) $39.99 

Great Baseball (no manual) $4.99 

Great Football (with manual) $9.99 

Great Ice Hockey (no manual) $19.99 

Hang On/Safari Hunt (with manual) $14.99 

Kings Crown (with manual) $134.99 

Lord of The Sword (no manual) $34.99 

Maze Hunter 3D (no manual) $14.99 

Missile Defense 3D (no manual) $9.99 

My Hero (with manual) $44.99 

Out Run (no manual) $19.99

Out run (with manual) $29.99 

Pro Wrestling (no manual) $9.99

Quartet (with manual) $44.99 

R.C Grand Prix (no manual) $59.99 

Rambo III (no manual) $19.99  Sold 

Rastan (no manual) $49.99 

Rastan (with manual) $54.99 

Rescue Mission (with manual) $19.99 

R-Type (no manual) $44.99 Sold

Scramble Spirits (with manual) $49.99 

Slap Shot (with manual) $69.99 

Space Harrier (no manual) $19.99 

Tennis Ace (with manual) $9.99 

The Ninja (with manual) $29.99 

Thunder Blade (no manual) $9.99 

Thunder Blade (no manual) $9.99 

Thunder Blade (with manual) $14.99 

Time Soldiers (no manual) $29.99 

Wanted (with manual) $34.99 

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (with manual) $19.99 

Wonder Boy (no manual) $44.99 Sold

Wonder Boy (with manual) $59.99 

World Grand Prix (no manual) $9.99 

World Grand Prix (with manual) $14.99 

World Soccer (with manual) $9.99 

Zaxxon 3D (no manual) $14.99 

Zillion (with manual) $29.99 

Zillion II (no manual) $34.99 




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