All Amiibo's are in good condition unless otherwise stated.

They are labelled as 'used', 'new' and which series that are from, such as 'smash' bros series figures, classic figures, and splatoon, etc.

Prices and availability subject to change. All prices + HST.


Toon Link & Zelda 2-Pack (new) Sold


Link Ocarina (new)Sold


Wolf Link (new)   Sold 


Mii Fighter 3 Pack– Super Smash Bros (used) $99.99

Figure Only :

Bayonetta (smash, used) $29.99

Cali (splatoon, used) $19.99

Captain Falcon (smash, used) $24.99

Corrin (M) (smash, used) $24.99 Sold 

Dr. Mario (smash, used) $19.99

DuckHunt (smash, used) $14.99

Falco (smash, used) $14.99

Fox (smash, used) $14.99 Sold 

Game & Watch (smash, with extras) $34.99

Ice Climbers (smash, used) $24.99

Ike (smash, used) $19.99

King DeDeDe (smash, used) $14.99 Sold 

King Knight (shovel knight series, used) $14.99 Sold

Little Mac (smash, used) $19.99

Lucario (smash, used) $19.99 Sold

Lucas (smash, used) $14.99 Sold

Lucina (smash, used) $19.99

Marie (splatoon, used) $19.99

Marth (smash, used) $14.99  Sold 

Mega Man (smash, used) $14.99

MetaKnight (smash, used) $19.99

Metroid Samus Returns 2 Pack (used) $99.99

Mewtwo (smash, used) $22.99 Sold

Mii Fighter 3 pack (smash, used) $99.99

Olimar (smash, used) $24.99

Pacman (smash, used) $19.99  Sold

Palutena (smash, used) $24.99

Rob (smash, used) $19.99 Sold

Robin (used) $19.99

Rosalina (smash, used) $39.99

Roy (smash, used) $19.99

Ryu (smash, used) $12.99

Shulk (smash, used) $19.99

Sonic (smash, used) $29.99

Specter Knight (shovel knight series, used) $19.99 Sold

Villager (smash, used) $19.99

Wii Fit Trainer (smash, used) $19.99

Wolf (smash, used) $34.99

 New in Retail Box :

Dark Pit (smash, new) $40

Ganondorf (smash, new) $45

Ken (smash, new) $60  Sold 

Pokemon Trainer (smash, new) $80

Retro 3 Pack (smash, duckhunt, game & watch, rob, new) $75

Shovel Knight (shovel knight series, new) $35 Sold

Steve/Alex (smash, new) $40 Sold 

Wedding Bowser (mario odyssey series, new) $45

Wedding Mario (mario odyssey series, new) $45




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